New Trends in Interior Designing!

The real estate of India has developed and is ready to compete on global standards in many ways including sustainability, building structure, equipment and also interiors. Interiors, earlier in India were not given much attention when building a residential property...

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Vastu Tips For Happy Homes

It is believed that every place be it your office or home, carries its own energy which is very omnipotent that they have the power to influence the lives of people who inhabit the space. This makes it even more important to ensure that your house exudes positive...

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Your complete guide to choosing the right Real Estate Agent!

When searching or planning to buy a new property in Mumbai or an apartment in Mumbai, more often than not we turn to a real estate agent to fasten up the process. Most of the buyers prefer to cut down on the scouting involved in buying a property in Mumbai and completely depend on the expertise that the real estate agent may offer in terms of the property market scenario of a particular locality in Mumbai.

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Top 3 Real Estate Builders in Ghatkopar

With a population of more than 10 million people, Mumbai is among the largest city in India. The density of population in Mumbai is very high, which in turn increases the importance of owning a property in the city all the more. This is the reason why many real estate...

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Top 3 Most Expensive Restaurants In MUMBAI!

If you are a Mumbaikar, with an adoration for fine dining then you’re clearly living in the midst of cornucopia of fine dining options. If you were not aware of the splendid tirade of choice that await your palette in Mumbai then worry no more, We here at have fine tuned a list of fine dining options in Mumbai just for you. So here you go, our list of luxurious restaurants in the dream city that serve some scrumptious food.

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Famous Khau Gali’s in Mumbai – 3 Really Tasty ways to Aamchi Mumbai’s Heart

“Khau” which means treat, usually a food treat, in Marathi while “Gali” means a lane, so Khau Gali means Food Lane! Mumbai’s Khau Gali’s offer some lip-smacking street food in the dream city. A mixture of cultures and refreshingly diverse influences, street food in Mumbai offers an extraordinary potpourri of flavours that is incredibly fulfilling.

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Mumbai Real Estate

Being home to Bollywood and one of the major financial hubs in India, Mumbai has become a booming metropolitan city that’s on its way to achieving new heights. Being a city with all the modern amenities just a stone’s throw away from no matter where you are, does come at a very hefty price. Don’t let this fact dishearten you though, as there is a whole other world to Mumbai’s Real Estate than meets the eye.

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